This girl WILL

Meet a remarkable woman, let’s call her Mia.  She runs a successful business. She is also a mum to two fabulous girls.  She is a very busy lady with a successful career and somehow manages to juggle everything that life throws her way.  She is a real do-it-all modern woman and is not fully awareContinue reading “This girl WILL”


“The best use of imagination is creativity.  The worst use of imagination is anxiety.” Deepak Chopra Think of ants at a picnic. There you are, settled with a feast of deliciousness and an ant comes along, it’s alright, moving with a particular determination that only ants seem to possess, antennae waving about tasting the air.Continue reading “ANTS”

Clear vision

Clear sightedness  – I would say 20:20 vision but 2020 now makes us think of other things that perhaps were not possessed of clear sight. It is important for us all to maintain metaphorical clear sight. A vision to see exactly what we want to achieve –  not just tomorrow, next week, next month; butContinue reading “Clear vision”


Conkers ! Beautiful aren’t they?  Every year I eagerly search for those burnished brown jewels of nature and each one is different.  Every year I am entranced and enchanted. There is something about opening that spiky and unwelcoming case to reveal the conker within.  No one has seen it, only you.  A private and premièreContinue reading “Conkers”


As I look at what joys the new year will bring, I always look back and reflect on my years as a teacher and I think about how the children have changed and grown but also how I have adapted to my situation, the things that I am still aiming for. One of those things on my “to-be list”, is organised ……….

Which way to go?

The central message in this poem is that, in life, we are often presented with choices. When making a choice, one is required to make a decision. Here the author is viewing a choice as a fork in a path, it becomes clear that in life we must choose one direction or another, but itContinue reading “Which way to go?”

Fantastic Finds

Have you ever found something that you had lost?   That feeling of relief when you are reunited with whatever it is.  We all lose things all of the time.  I usually think that I have put it “in a safe place” whilst inwardly cursing myself for being careless and razing the house to the groundContinue reading “Fantastic Finds”


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