Welcome to Headship Journey

Who, or what, is Headship Journey?

Headshipjourney began five years ago when I moved to the role of headteacher. I have been teaching for over thirty years and every day I am happy to go to school. Every day I am inspired by the children and staff in my school. Every day I smile and every day I learn. I still regard teaching as a privilege.

Never having been active on social media, I dipped my toe into the world of Twitter and then plunged into Instagram. This was to highlight many of the outstanding things that went on on my school and with my pupils’ learning on a daily basis. Much of the excellence that goes on at schools is never witnessed by anyone other than the form teacher. It was time to shout it loud and shout it proud, primarily to the parents, so that the incredible learning opportunities take place every single day could be acknowledged. There is so much that we can learn from each other about how to enhance children’s learning experiences and as teachers, we take much of what we do for granted.

This blog is not designed to teach people to suck eggs, but hopefully remind you of what incredible practitioners we have in schools and hopefully give you some food for thought and some ideas to try – whether you are a teacher or a parent. If that happens, I will be very happy.

So, go ahead, click on the menu to take you to the blogs and select a post to read.

Thank you for reading and being part of this journey

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