The ripple effect of Boomerangs!

What do you call a boomerang that doesn’t come back?  A stick ….  I know it’s so old you probably fell off your dinosaur when you first heard it!   But actually there is some truth to that, the first boomerangs date back approximately 10 000 years and were not designed to return, as they wereContinue reading “The ripple effect of Boomerangs!”

This girl WILL

Meet a remarkable woman, let’s call her Mia.  She runs a successful business. She is also a mum to two fabulous girls.  She is a very busy lady with a successful career and somehow manages to juggle everything that life throws her way.  She is a real do-it-all modern woman and is not fully awareContinue reading “This girl WILL”

Travelling on – what do we need for our journey?

What do you pack for your journeys? It seems particularly pertinent to think about journeys when children transition to their next chapter of learning, friends leaving, everyone moving on in different directions to pastures new. When we know that we are to journey we plan, where we will go, who and what we will seeContinue reading “Travelling on – what do we need for our journey?”

Clear vision

Clear sightedness  – I would say 20:20 vision but 2020 now makes us think of other things that perhaps were not possessed of clear sight. It is important for us all to maintain metaphorical clear sight. A vision to see exactly what we want to achieve –  not just tomorrow, next week, next month; butContinue reading “Clear vision”


Conkers ! Beautiful aren’t they?  Every year I eagerly search for those burnished brown jewels of nature and each one is different.  Every year I am entranced and enchanted. There is something about opening that spiky and unwelcoming case to reveal the conker within.  No one has seen it, only you.  A private and premièreContinue reading “Conkers”